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My Burger!

I figured that for my last blog,I would make my own burger. It was  mid rare and delicious yall!  It had yummy bits of pancetta  all through out! I made an arugula pistcio pesto for the sauce, smoked gouda, crispy fried Julienne onions,red leaf lettuce, shaved and lightly pickled raddish.  It wasn’t half bad if Ido say so myself.  Big ups Normal ghost!  You’ve tought me a lot Sir!

Topic: The Giant Burger- A Oldie but A Goodie……. I think NOT!!!

The Giant Burger is a Lake Oswego institution. They pride themselves on continuing to be “old
school.” The owner is a rude older gentlemen who always wears a yellow sweater and if you hand him a
credit card will point to the sign on the front of the register “CASH ONLY.” They have been cash only
and they will continue to be cash only. They don’t have a website and as long as “Mr. Giant” is alive they
won’t ever have a website. So much for the benefits of the internet.

The menu has anything you could ever want; i.e. Hawaiian burger, Teriyaki burger, Blue cheese
burger, Jalapeno burger….. Tand so on. The highlight of their menu is “The Filler.” Two beef patties, fried
egg, ham, too many slices of bacom, onion, pickles, lettuce, tomato on a soft bun but no cheese. It was
not as big as I was expecting but still not a small burger. Toppings were fresh but it didn’t make up for
the rest of the burger. It was just ok. The patties were overdone and you couldn’t taste one ingredient
from the next. After a few too many beers “the filler” would be amazing but definitely not sober. I highly
recommend trying another one of their burgers. And the fries were nothing to write to your mama

Order a milkshake and go home.

So this place had an Italian twist. I got the Mediterranean burger. This was a weird burger, it had shaved Kalama olives, marinara, fresh mozzarella, butter leaf lettuce and pepperoncinis. It was fantastic, especially  the sauce. It was really well prepared,you can tell because it didn’t taste like a metal can. It was juicy,well seasoned and came on an onion kizer bun.

So the McCormick and Shmicks, were trying  to come up with a marketing scheme to get guests back in the seats. They noticed about a fifty to sixty percent income loss once business was starting to boom around them. I’m talking about the fish house in Beaverton. That’s where the idea originated in 1982.  Before the burger wars started you could go to McDonald’s and get a Big Mac,fries and a drink for four or five dollars. So at the Beaverton location the thought instead on being associated with buy one get one free drinks during happy hour. That they would put a quality half-pound burger and fries on the menu for $1.95. In six months of doing so the had fully recovered that lost revenue.   After a year of logging numbers they realized that not only were they putting folks back in the seats. They also were running a 65% food cost during happy hour and still making a killing.  Because  on average they would sale two to three drinks on average per person.  So other McCormick and Shmicks say they saw the astonishing growth in numbers. Then others decided to come on board with it.  In most establishments that did this say that it still is the number one selling happy hour item on the menu. Genius I tell you simply genius!


This place was amazing,you could smell it from three to four miles away.  Its located in Kansas City MO. I know that this is about burgers, and I will get to that in a moment. These ribs were so succulent and tender,that it would just fell of  the bone. Hell you could eat the bone if you wanted to. The spice rub on these ribs was so delicious,I had to order a rack just cause.  Now for the burger, oh my lord! These folks don’t mess around, the burger was even too much for my fat ass! They call it the hefty burger,they aint shitting! It had a three-quarter pound patty, lettuce,tomato,onions. Four pieces of ranch house bacon,two types of cheese and a fried egg. This thing was a freaking mess of a sandwich. everything tasted amazing! Not a fan of eggs on my burger, but it was pretty darn good.

It is anything but yum this burger is fucking wack! You can only order burgers medium or above. That’s week right? The burger was wicked dry, as I knew it would be. It was nothing to right home about. The best part of the meal was the bottomless steak fries. They came with every dipping sauce know to man. Needless to say I wont be going there again.