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Mimi’s in K.C.

So this place had an Italian twist. I got the Mediterranean burger. This was a weird burger, it had shaved Kalama olives, marinara, fresh mozzarella, butter leaf lettuce and pepperoncinis. It was fantastic, especially  the sauce. It was really well prepared,you can tell because it didn’t taste like a metal can. It was juicy,well seasoned and came on an onion kizer bun.


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The Burner!!!


 The Burner 10

The Foster Burger with roasted jalapenos, fried onion straws, cheddar and American cheese, topped with shredded lettuce and Srirancha. Turning up the heat yall! Damn this is a wicked delicious burger,tell you what! This is probably the best buger I’ve had in quite some time! Those folks got the art of burger making down.


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Favorite Fat Kid!

Peanut butter pickle bacon cheese burger!        Holy shit this is a bad ass burger  yall! This is a nice sized burger,with a heaping portion of seasoned fries. They say that you eat with your eyes,I agree with that about 90% of the time. In this perticular instance it didnt look appealing at all. The sauces were oozing, nothing was stertigically placed. Look like it was just thrown together.  Seeing it had  no bering on how F ing good the burgar was though. It was so incredibly balanced, from the sweet and robust peanut butter to the sour of the pickle and the savory of both the bacon and the burger. I would deffinatly recommenned it!

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