The best fast food burger ever in my opion. It’s the double bacon Tillamook cheese burger from Burgerville. The bacon,cheese and burger are locally farmed products. The burger is so good,the bacon is pepper bacon  and apple wood smoked. The put a secret burger sauce on it, it’s a sweet and tangy and is so delicious. It’s not like other fast food burgers,its actually hand made and prepared in house. Unlike other fastfood that everythings frozen and reheated.


So went to sunset bowl in Beaverton. I kicked ass two out of the three games. Scored a 174 which is super good for me. Lol.

The burger I had was a the Sunset Bacon Blue. It was a good burger, not a great one. I asked for mid-rare and they bought it out on the more medium to medium well. That was a bummer, not a good start to our  dinner. The seasoning was rather  balanced in flavor. From the salty and savory bacon,to the sour but scrumptious blue cheese crumbles. It comes from Rouge creamery, which is my favorite blue cheese. If the burger were ant more than five buckes I would have sent it back.

The Burner!!!


 The Burner 10

The Foster Burger with roasted jalapenos, fried onion straws, cheddar and American cheese, topped with shredded lettuce and Srirancha. Turning up the heat yall! Damn this is a wicked delicious burger,tell you what! This is probably the best buger I’ve had in quite some time! Those folks got the art of burger making down.


This is a half pound kobe beef burger patty, seasoned nicely. It comes on a kaiser roll. It comes midrare unless specified other wise. It also comes with butter leaf lettuce, red onions made in houe pickled squash chips. This probably the best burger for my buck that I have had around town. Its only 2.95,What?

This sandwich  had an amazing  complexity in flavors. I my self try to stay away from grilled chicken it’s usually  so dry. It was cooked to perfection!” I know what you”re all thinking.” “Chicken is no burgar. ” It just smelt so good on its way by. It was a grilled chicken sandwich it had roasted red peppers,smokey blu cheese, carmelize shallots and dijon aioli,butter leaf lettuce,tomato. Wow that was a delicious sandwich.

Peanut butter pickle bacon cheese burger!        Holy shit this is a bad ass burger  yall! This is a nice sized burger,with a heaping portion of seasoned fries. They say that you eat with your eyes,I agree with that about 90% of the time. In this perticular instance it didnt look appealing at all. The sauces were oozing, nothing was stertigically placed. Look like it was just thrown together.  Seeing it had  no bering on how F ing good the burgar was though. It was so incredibly balanced, from the sweet and robust peanut butter to the sour of the pickle and the savory of both the bacon and the burger. I would deffinatly recommenned it!